Know more about Silver Metal…

  • Silver is a white, soft, lustrous metal with the chemical symbol Ag and atomic number 47.
  • It is very ductile (ability to draw in to fine wires) and malleable (ease of shaping into thin sheets). These unique properties make silver metal ideal choice for making beautiful intricate and delicate Filigree articles.
  • Silver has the highest electric conductivity and the highest thermal conductivity.
  • Silver also occurs pure free metal in nature and is mixed with Gold.
  • It is used to make ornaments, jewellery, high-value tableware (cutlery) and utensils.

Did you Know?

The Chemical Symbol of Silver Ag comes from ‘argentos’ (Greek) which means ‘shine’ and ‘white’.

In Mahabharata, god Arjuna also symbolises silver who wears white and shines like silver!

In Sanskrit, the mother of all Indian languages, Silver is called ‘Rajatha’

In Silver ‘Zari’ Sarees, the qualities of silver are well exploited in making ‘Zari’ the fine fiber of of silver metal beautifully woven within the silk fabric.

In ‘Rigveda’, the ancient literature known to humans, there are allusions to silver indicating its use since ancient times.

Precious metal comparison

SILVER 47 Ag White & Shiny 10.5  g/cm3
GOLD 79 Au Yellow & Shiny 19.3  g/cm3
PLATINUM 78 Pt White & dense 21.5 g/cm3