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Silver Filigree is stunning, stylish silver jewellery for the very discerning…

Silver Filigree items are beautiful to see and wonderful to feel!
Fine silver wires are interwoven to create beautiful jewellery and desirable collectable items.
Silver Filigree items include fabulous jewellery – like necklaces, earrings, pendants, bangles, rings, etc. and fantastic collectables – such as gift items, show pieces and home decorative pieces.

Silver Filigree, the finest Silver Jewellery known to humans for centuries!

Highly skilled and experienced craftsmen from India create these striking filigree items. For centuries their families created filigree items for the Rulers, Nawabs and the rich in India.
This outstanding Silver Filigree jewellery and collectables are now available for you to own! offers you…

We offer you the finest Silver Filigree items like beautiful jewellery to amaze you and fabulous show pieces to amuse you!
Many designs of Silver Filigree items are here for you to browse, click and buy.
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Whether you want some beautiful jewellery for your loved ones, stunning show pieces for your home or great gift item for your nearest and dearest, there is atleast one special item waiting for you at