Silver Filigree is Special…

Our Silver Filigree Jewellery and Articles are hand made by skilled and experienced craftsmen who are practicing filigree craft for generations.

Pure and fine silver wires are interwoven to create striking Silver Filigree articles by hand. Each and every filigree product is made with quality 925 Sterling Silver metal and finished to the highest standards for great desirability.

Skilled Craftsman

It’s Our Passion

SilverFiligree.co.uk is a specialist business run by an enthusiastic family team based in England.

Silver Filigree Swan

We and our family have been associated with the jewellery profession for many decades.

The family members of SiliverFiligree.co.uk still make their living by practicing Gold and Silver smith. They enjoy making unique handmade jewellery for individuals in India.

Filigree Heritage

Silver Filigree jewellery and articles were widely used by the royal families throughout the world for centuries. This craftsmanship flourished during the Nawab’s rule in southern Indian state, Andhra Pradesh.

Elgandal is the origin of this type of silver smith work during its reign as capital of that region.

Our Team of Highly Skilled Craftsmen…

Our team, based in India, got generations of experience in creating marvelous silver filigree handicrafts for the royal and rich families for generations.

Their creations are proudly displayed in many museums across the country and showcased in popular exhibitions.

Our craftsmen spend many hours on each timeless piece and get satisfied themselves before they put for displays.

Many world leaders visited India got these Silver Filigree items, the famous include:  Bill Gates, George Bush, Bill Clinton, etc.